AGUARES Book of Angels Volume 23

Music of John Zorn

Roberto Rodriguez’s dynamic blending of Cuban music with the Jewish tradition has produced some of the most popular and best selling CDs on the Radical Jewish series. Here he turns his brilliant arranging skills and fabulous all-star ensemble to nine beautiful melodies from Zorn’s lyrical Book of Angels. Recorded in Israel with some of the strongest musicians out of the exciting Israeli music scene the music is at once familiar and surprising, touching on traditions while bringing them into the 21st century with imagination, wit and a passionate creativity.

Roberto Rodriguez: Drums, Percussion

Itay Abramovitz: Piano

Assaf Hakimi: Upright/electric Bass

Gilad Harel: Clarinet

Jonathan Keren: Viola, Violin

Salit Lahav: Accordion, Flute

Chen “Pepe” Meir: Congas, Chekere

Omri Mor: Piano

Amit Sharon: Dohola, Doumbek, Darbuka, Frame Drum

Yaron Ouzana: Trombone

Music by Roberto Rodriguez
Words by Omar Perez
In the “Mulato Insurgency” we find an honest foot print to the Grail of “Creolisation”, which the West Indian writer Edouard Glissant defines as “ethnic fusion along with something else that can never be defined” or it will be lost. “Jazz, came from everywhere; not in an imperative, sudden way, but in the form of traces. Music needs links, roots; the challenge is to surpass them without making them disappear. Music must run the risk of diversity.” These Creole musical genres have not been “imperial”, imposed a set form, adds Glissant, they have underlined ideas of suffering. They have combined Catholic churches and pagan trance; produced beguine, bossa nova, salsa and son, blues, swing, rap, calypso, bomba and plena, rumba, morna and coladera, etc.